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Brenda lost 30kgs!


My name is Brenda and I've lost 30kgs thanks to The Lady Shake.

I started my Lady Shake journey in June 2022. I needed to lose weight for health reasons following a visit to my doctor, and also had a son getting married the following year and wanted to look good for photos. I was ready to change my life around for the better!

After doing some research online, I purchased a Variety Pack to get started. I loved the shakes, Vanilla and Coffee being my favourites, and the weight started to fall off. I then ordered the Buy 3 Get 1 Free pack online, as I found it to be good value.

In addition to my breakfast shake, I started walking 2kms every day; about a 30-minute walk. I was having a calorie-controlled lunch and dinner. I was surprised that I no longer craved sugary treats and chocolate. I was able to have a coffee and skip the biscuit.

Fast forward 11 months. My Lady Shake breakfast, which I look forward to, and making sensible choices, is a new way of life.

I have lost 30 kilos and all my blood test results are within normal levels.  My husband was so impressed that he joined me by purchasing The Man Shake. He lost 20 kilos and is now at his optimum weight. We have a new lease of life together, and are now a fit, active couple.

We pack our portable blender and sachets in our suitcases for holidays. Apart from the convenience and health benefits, it also saves a fortune on breakfast costs when away.

I now happily walk 4 to 5kms every day and feel so much fitter. I can walk without leg or back pain; I can go up hills and stairs without puffing and enjoy being out in the fresh air.

Feeling and looking fitter, enjoying clothes shopping again and continuing to see the reducing number on the scales is my motivation.

I highly recommend The Lady Shake to anyone wanting to shed those kilos that seem to sneak on over the years. I'm in my 60s and look forward to a long, healthy life and continuing with my shakes.